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We specialize in designing and manufacturing clothing for Work, Sports, School and Corporate wear.
Custom Uniforms by Adventure Outfitters
New Zealand Made. Here at Adventure Outfitters we combine a passion for function with our specialist skills to design and produce quality custom uniforms from quality fabrics. Our versatile uniforms function well in the outdoors while maintaining comfort and style appropriate for an urban setting. We can produce a uniform from 10 to 10,000 units. We have the experience knowledge and ability needed to customise an individual look for you and your team. We now have a huge range of clients from airport staff, car yards, radio reps, gardeners, ski field personnel, jet boat operators, baristas….. It is an exciting and diverse list.
Our New Zealand made team and work wear uniforms can be made to your specific needs. This is ideal if you want that individual look for your work uniforms that will really make you stand out without just using bright colours.
Imported Uniforms. We provide extremely competitive pricing on imported uniform clothing. Imported wear not only offers benefits in price but also  widens the style selections we can make avaliable to you. We are also adept at listening to what you want then using our years of experience in the industry to narrow this range quickly so you don’t have to go through the exhaustive process of trawling through endless catalogues!
Let us do the work. Tell us about yourself and the kind of general clothing that will suit you and your team and we will do the work for you! Using our experience in the industry and paying close attention to your needs we can streamline a selection of styles that may be appropriate for you.You can evaluate these and then we can freight you samples of your most preferred options, including sizes.
We are all about finding the ideal uniform solution for you. With over 30 years experience in the industry we know how to find the uniform you want in a quick, easy and hassle free manner for all parties involved.
Value. We expect to have to compete in every area. We enjoy the challenge. We are always competitive on price and will continually meet the market where required.
  • We try hard to add value for you where we can.
  • We will make the style selection process as efficient as possible.
  • We use out 30 years of business experience to help you make the right choices.
  • We respond quickly and efficiently to all queries.
  • We simplify the ordering process to make it easy to follow and error free
  • We provide work wear size samples to reduce order errors.
  • We follow up!


Work Uniforms 

Functional work wear is a growth area for us. Our specialist skills in producing quality fabrics into smart garments that can function well outdoors and can be comfortable and smart in an urban setting has sparked this growth. We now have a huge range of clients from airport staff, car yards, radio reps, gardeners, ski field personnel, jet boat operators, baristas….. It is an exciting and diverse list. If you want your staff to look smart, and be comfortable, especially if they work in variable conditions or a hard wearing environment, then we can create something special for you. We specialize in creating, individual, standout garments that stand the test of time, washing, wear and hard work. We can fit all your staff members not matter what their size! We can do replacements for lost garments or new staff. We do repairs if required.

 Sports Teamwear 

Sports teamwear is our passion. There is nothing we like better than seeing the boost that a new uniform can give a team. We work hard on our styles, colours and functionality of the materials we use to ensure that your new uniforms are not only unique, stand out and look smart but also they are completely functional and hardwearing. We design our garments to look good for years not just one season or one wash. We cater for all sizes and can do top up orders for new members. We can even do repairs!

 School Wear 

Traditionally we have done lot of school sports teams, as well as jackets and fleeces. A recent merger between Adventure Outfitters and Streets Clothing, who have always specialized in working with schools, has added an even stronger ability and focus on providing value for schools. We can and already do provide complete uniform solutions for some schools. This can include holding stock and retailing to parents and pupils if needed. We specialize in producing hard wearing quality garments that still look presentable after repeated washing, stain removal and plain hard wear. We can do small top up orders and one off sizes. This means that uniforms and styles can last for longer!


 For the business that wants a unique, stand out, stylish, statement that will set you apart from the standard corporate offering then we have something for you. We specialize in quality fabrics; we use fine merino, soft shell outdoor fabrics, sueded microfibre fleeces, breathable quick dry fabrics, nylon lycras and other cutting edge fabrics. Our styles are clean and fresh allowing the natural quality of the fabric to come through. This means that your staff will look and feel good for longer. The fabrics and styles stand the test of time and wear. Because we don’t import made up garments, we can produce small specialist runs. We can also produce special one off sizes if required and do top up orders for additional staff, in the same colours, as required. We are careful to select fabrics that are easy care, machine washable and, most importantly, look great after repeated washing. 


We do a wide range of promotional garments from specialist raft and jet boat operators selling “the experience” to their clients to logo hats and t shirts sold as fund raisers by clubs schools or teams.We can design specialist garments or screen prints. We are currently working on souvenir merino styles for Scott Base in Antarctica. Give us a mission – we love a challenge! We do specialty runs for one off conferences and corporate client promotions. We have access to a great range of t shirts hats and other items. We can do embroidery and screen printing. We can do the design work if required. Large or small runs are not a problem.