The Process




Step 1: Contact us to discuss you individual requirements

  • Tell us about your team and uniform needs – what you do day to day?
  • What is most important to you?
  • What do you require from uniforms, colours, styles, fabrics?
  • Get advice on logos, embroidery, screen printing, design and placement. We can do it all!

Step 2: Receive information on all costs involved - we will provide a quote.

Step 3: View a garment selection – we send samples,  nationwide

Step 4: Size the team – we’ll organise a size spec or a size range so you can order garments that will fit each individual properly.  We can do special one off sizes to include all team members. 

Step 5: Place your order for custom manufacturing - allow 4 weeks for completion.

Why choose Adventure Outfitters?

  1. Quality. We only use fabric that stands the test of time. Your staff will still look good after extensive hard work  and repeated washing
  2. Design & manufacture. Our garments are  all designed in New Zealand for NZ conditions and truly stand the test of time
  3. Service. We are a small company and pride ourselves in our prompt service and ability to match your specific requirements
  4. True value. Over time your uniform costs will be considerably lower; your staff will look better and be more comfortable.
  5. Hassle free. We have been doing this for over 20 years. We try hard to make business clear, honest, straight forward and positive. We meet our deadlines and commitments.