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We can provide unique and stylish corporate wear and corporate uniforms for businesses that want to make their workforce stand out.
Adventure Outfitters has been making specialist company uniforms and corporate wear for the New Zealand market for the past 20 Years. We started business making specialist corporate outdoor uniforms for companies that needed garments that could not only work in a heated office environment but could also keep staff comfortable outdoors in the rigours of the Southern winter. Companies such as ski field operators, tourist jet boat companies, Southern district councils, Dunedin airport staff etc.
These company uniform designs require quality fabrics; we use NZ merino, soft shell outdoor fabrics, sueded microfiber fleeces, breathable quick dry fabrics, nylon lycras and other cutting edge fabrics.
Our styles are clean and fresh allowing the natural quality of the fabric to come through.
This means that your company uniforms will look and feel good for longer. Although we started off specializing in outdoor corporate wear we have found that the smart/casual contemporary look is popular as company uniforms for businesses that want to emphasis a cutting edge, unique look.
When most people think of corporate wear they think of suits, tailored skirts and white shirts.  Although we can provide this style of garment our strength is the introduction of new fabrics and styles into the conservative world of corporate wear and company uniforms market. The fabrics and styles stand the test of time and wear. The styles allow you to present a fashionable, cutting edge, modern statement about your company.
Imports versus Local Manufacture
Adventure Outfitters is in the unique position where we can design and manufacture styles especially for you as we are one of the few remaining companies that still manufacture garments in New Zealand. This means that you can get exactly the look you want for your corporate wear, company and staff uniforms.
Locally made corporate wear is initially more expensive than imports. The saving in the initial cost can be negated very quickly. Local manufacture of staff uniforms is much more wear resistant, the construction methods more robust, and the components used superior. This means that the company uniforms last longer.
We select fabrics that continue to look good after years of washing and drying under less than perfect conditions. We also import a great range of corporate wear, staff and company uniforms. This range is not as unique but represents great value.
Best of Both Worlds
By offering both an imported range and locally made production we can cover all your corporate company and staff uniform options. There are advantages in both. Imported staff uniforms and corporate allows a great choice of colours and a proliferation of similar styles. Imported corporate uniforms are usually cheaper.
If you want your company uniforms to last a number of years there is the risk that top ups for new staff uniforms in the same colour or style may not be available. This may mean you have to replace all of the company and staff uniforms earlier than you expected.
Locally New Zealand made business uniforms, although initially more expensive, allow you the flexibility to do small top ups in specific sizes.
We offer both options. You can choose styles from both ranges if this suits your needs.
Top Up Orders
We will do our absolute best to fulfill all top up orders whether you buy an imported company uniform or locally manufactured.
Top up orders of local manufacture have an added cost due to the small numbers but are very doable. We are happy to provide this service for our customers.
Imported top ups are easy if the style and colours are still available. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Even with the best intentions the overseas supplier may decide to change fabrics styles or colours without reference to their smaller customers.
Repairs can be a problem. Rather than replace the whole staff uniform we can often restore the uniform.
Solving your problems
Organizing new staff uniforms or corporate wear can be a nightmare for the company. The time and effort involved is often not recognized. Trying to please all staff is impossible.
We do our best to minimize the hassle and time required to organize new corporate wear or company uniforms. By offering both imported and locally manufactured company uniforms and corporate wear we can offer you the best most competitive range in a ‘one stop shop’.
We are proud that we are one of the few surviving manufacturers of New Zealand made company uniforms and corporate wear. We also make work wear, outdoor wear, promotional garments, school uniforms and sports uniforms
. We have survived to date due to the support of our customers. We get this support by developing a close relationship with them, working out what is most important to them and then doing everything we can to meet their requirements.
We want you as our customer. If you support us with your business we commit to you as well. Our commitment is to do whatever is in our power to provide corporate wear and company uniforms that is entirely suitable for your needs in terms of delivery time, price, design , colour, size, durability, and last but not least, ongoing top up orders and repairs .


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